Scott M. Reid of the Register Brings Down Two More Coaches Who Got Too Close to Teen Girls

I don't know how the Orange County Register's Scott M. Reid got the beat, but no one's better at exposing adult coaches accused of sexually inappropriate relationships or behavior with their sports players who are teen girls, some of them minors. Indeed, if these were not coaches but politicians, Reid would be rivaling our own Scott–R. Scott Moxley–when it comes to notches in his virtual gun belt.

The latest targets are swim coaches Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury and Bill Jewell, who both were brought down following extensive investigations by Reid.

The Reg scribe's reports led to Dusenbury being banned for life by USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport, because the former coach acknowledged having an inappropriate relationship with a female on his Mission Viejo Nadadores club team when he was 28 and she was 15.

Jewell resigned his coaching position at Golden West Swim Club after Reid revealed allegations of his inappropriate conduct toward female teenage swimmers, including sexual comments and touching.

I'd blogged about Reid's earlier reports on Dusenbury as well an investigation that led to veteran women's gymnastics coach Don Peters, known for producing Olympians out of his SCATS gym in Huntington Beach, being banned from that sport for his sexual relationships with gymnasts, some of whom were underage. Peters later left SCATS and moved out of state.

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These are just the ones stumbled upon–and I don't normally have time to read the sports page! It's enough to make an Orange County coach not want to pick up the phone if Reid is on the line. And pity the fools the journo runs into with their zippers down.

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