Scientists Trying to Develop More Nitrogen-Efficient Corn by Genetic Engineering

You can tell a lot about a person's politics by asking them the following: how do you feel that scientists with Monsanto and Dupont are creating genetically modified corn that will use nitrogen (a major component of fertilizer) far more efficiently that regular corn?


Businessweek addressed the very issue last week, in a story with a predictable stance given its readership: such a development is good because it's progress, will save farmers money, and will increase crop yields that in turn will feed a booming human population and drive corn prices down. The progressives out there will look at the development in askance, fearful that this Frankencorn will mutate and cause havoc to our food chain.

Me? I love corn as much as anyone, if not more so (my people gave the world the damn crop), but I can't help but think how focusing on corn instead of other crops makes us even more dependent on maize. Can't they genetically modify mango or something so we can switch to a mango diet?

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