Scalper Tickets For Desert Trip Selling For As High As $20K?!

The chance to purchase tickets to Desert Trip (aka Oldchella) through the festival’s website lasted a grand total of about four hours yesterday. And for most of us, that time was simply wasted watching a stupid stick figure crawl across the computer screen as we waited in a virtual line that could probably wrap around the globe.Tickets on the official website ranged from $199 to $1,599.

But pissing away your afternoon and still missing an opportunity to see The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, The Who and Neil Young wasn’t enough, was it? Chances are you probably hopped over to a third party ticket scalping site like Box Office Ticket Sales or Vivid Seats as a last resort. That’s when your soul was officially crushed. A regular 3-Day wristband from BOTS will set you back about $1,300 (about a grand over face value), which sounds crazy…until you realize that the same wrist band on Vivd Seats is going for as high as $19,900! Gaaaaad dayyuuuummm!

Look, we love going to a once-in-a-lifetime concert as much as anyone. But 20K?! What do we look like? Donald Trump? (in case you haven’t seen our latest cover, we’re referring to someone who enjoys getting fucked by jackasses). 

Considering we’ve still got a while ’till the festival lands in Indio in October, it’ll be interesting to see how much higher some of the prices on these scalper sites will get. Or more importantly, how low some people are willing to drain their bank accounts for a chance to see the the grandfathers of rock.

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