Raising Fun(ds) to Fight 241 Toll Road Extension is Goal of San Clemente Event

The Coalition to Save San Clemente hosts a community event Saturday that aims to raise fun—and funds to stop the 241 toll road from being extended into town.

Held at The Reserve Clubhouse and Park, 1120 Colina Rodante, San Clemente, from 4 to 7:30 p.m., the festivities include activities for children such as an inflatable obstacle course and face painting.

San Diego band the Groove Factory helps attendees get their grooves on with ’80s music.

(The accepted response to the sung question “Don’t … don’t you want me?” is: “Not if you’re a toll road extension.”)

Organizers from the Coalition to Save San Clemente, which was founded “to preserve the quality of life and historical significance for the residents of San Clemente for generations to come,” say the fundraising event is needed to fight the better funded Transportation Corridors Agencies (TCA or The Toll Roads) and the slick PR minions and Orange County politicians who do their bidding.

OK, extension opponents did not use those exact words.

It’s free to attend, although it would be rude not to pay the $15 donation sought from each adult and $5 for chitlin. Folks are also free to participate in raffles and silent auctions for “incredible prizes,” including a desert stay at a luxury property, a fishing charter for three and a custom Lost surfboard.

Those unable to attend can still send donations to CoalitiontoSaveSanClemente.com.

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