Save Ferris Singer Sued By Former Band Members Over False Reunion Show

Save Ferris frontwoman Monique Powell could find herself in legal hotwater over the decision to do a reunion show at the OC Fair without any of the other original members.

The singer was recently sued by her former bandmates for falsely promoting what's been billed as a reunion show at Costa Mesa's Pacific Amphitheatre on July 27. A conversation with the band's original guitarist Brian Mashburn confirmed that he and his former bandmates Bill Uechi, Eric Zamora, Brian Williams, Oliver Zavala and Evan Kilbourne were definitely not happy about the announcement about the show back in April. Now, they're seeking unspecified damages for promoting the Pacific date as a proper Save Ferris appearance and an injunction that would prevent Powell from using the moniker ever again. Harsh? Eh, not really, according to Mashburn, considering Powell never even told the band what her plans were for the show.

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“On [April 8] we found out that Monique Powell scheduled a Save Ferris “Reunion” show without inviting or telling any of the original band members,” says Mashburn. “And because word spreads so quickly on social media these days and pre-sale tickets were going on sale Wednesday, the band wanted to do the responsible thing and inform the public and its fans before they purchased tickets that this wasn't a “reunion” show and didn't involve any band members other than Monique.”

Powell joined the band in 1995 after original singer Adrienne Knolff quit. Mashburn says that most of the songs likely to be performed at the OC Fair gig were written either solely by him or as a collaboration between him and Powell. The band–still considered heroes in OC's Third Wave Ska scene–rose to prominence after 1997's ska-style cover of “Come On Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners but split in 2002 after two albums. The remainder of Save Ferris went on to perform as Starpool with lead singer Alan Meade.

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