Savannah Now Offering Lunches From $4-$7

Since filing for bankruptcy protection, David Wilhelm's Culinary Adventures seems to be doing something proactive about it: offering cheap meals.

For those just tuning in, Savannah is a rebranding of Chat Noir — an effort to make the place more seem downscale and affordable. But as I noted in this review, the dinner prices, even the make-up of most of the dishes, were exactly the same…it was still Chat Noir — the same ol' pussy cat with a different name tag.

But now they're actually serving bargain-priced “express” lunches. This new offering is advertised via a banner, draped outside their building facing the street. It proclaims that all lunch items are between $4-$9, served Monday – Friday, 11:30 – 2:00 pm.

Looking at their sample menu online, it looks promising. $9 for a French Dip with homemade chips or salad? That's about how much it would cost at any number of sandwich shops out there.

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