“Savage Love” is BACK in OC Weekly!

What a difference a new owner makes. A couple of years back, the Weekly¬†was forced to drop “Savage Love,” the greatest sex-advice column in the land, because the bean-counters in our previous regime scratched that out of our budget (for starters). When our new overlord, Duncan McIntosh, took over, I asked if I could return Dan Savage’s weekly musings on pegging, Santorum, and so much more sexytime explosions to our editorial pages. “Damn the dildos!” Duncan roared. “Full steam ahead!”

Okay, Duncan didn’t say that, but wouldn’t it have been cool if he did?

Anyhoo, “Savage Love” returned to our pages last week, as hilarious and witty and relevant as ever. You’ll have to pick up the dead-tree edition to read it, as we gotta give you a reason to pick it up, you know? In the meanwhile, support the “Savage Lovecast” podcast, watch Dan’s new television show, The Real O’Neals, on ABC, and pray he doesn’t get glitter-bombed again next time he visits UC Irvine.

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