Saut Wa Soora


1 Nancy Ajram, AhWNoss(EMI)

2 Ragheb Alamah, ElHobElKebir(Alam El Phan Co.)

3Amr Diab, LealyNahary(Voice for Music Production)

4Assi Hillani, ZghirehDinney(Stallions)

5Mohamed Fouad, HabibiYa(Stallions)

6Fadel Shaker, SahamiElShoq(Stallions)

7Kadim al Sahir, IlaTilmitha(Stallions)

8Ehab Toufic, AsmakEah(Stallions)

9Samira Said, AweenyBeek(Digital Press Hellas)

10Mohamed Abdu, AlaOdee(Sound of al Jazeera)

STAFFPICK:Various Artists, TheOrientBeatsBack—TwoThousandandOneNightsremixesbySaidMrad(Music Moods): “He took the old classics and updated and remixed them for the new generation. We get a lot of belly dancers who perform to this CD.” (NohadMousa)

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