Sativa Cheeba Chew, Our Toke Of The Week!

Product: Cheeba Chews- Sativa 70mg
Dispensary: Hand N Hand; 2400 Pullman St, Suite B Santa Ana, CA 92705
Price: $14

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews can be used to help treat all kinds of different issues. There’s a Cheeba Chew for insomnia, which is made with indica. There’s an extra-strength CBD dose Cheeba Chew and a Deca Dose Cheeba Chew, which apparently oozes hash oil and is one of the most potent edible candies around. The sativa-infused Cheeba, which is the one I chose, is supposed to be uplifting and energetic and offer a significant amount of pain relief. When the budtender told me that people often times feel creative boosts, I was instantly sold.

The thing with Cheeba Chews is that the candies aren’t designed for the tasting experience. Instead, they’re made for delivering quick and intense effects. As soon as I ate a tiny sliver, the taste of marijuana consumed my taste buds. And for about 20 minutes after, my mouth tasted as if I had taken a bite of a caramel-dipped nug.

I ate the tiny sliver right before I arrived to my friend’s house. We had planned for weeks to go to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, and I figured there’s probably no better time to put the sativa Cheeba to use. But as soon as we arrived to Sawdust, I was shockingly stoned. When I say stoned, I mean utterly, completely and totally in the clouds. The whites of my eyes were noticeably red. My speech was slowed, and I was paranoid that I was going to sound like Anna Ferris in Smiley Face. Although I’ll admit that I’m a baby when it comes to edibles, the effects from one sliver of the Tootsie-texture Cheeba Chew was borderline hallucinatory. Colors were extra vivid. My interactions with people felt strange. My hearing was heightened. My feelings were intense. Although my friend said I was acting normal, and even on the quieter side— despite a couple random outbursts of laughter— the last thing I felt was normal.

At the peak of my Cheeba high, however, my friend and I met a Viking man named Greg Thorne who’s worked at the Sawdust Festival since 1969. He told my friend and I stories about how he was taught to make turquoise into jewelry by members of the Navajo, Pueblo, Apache, and Hopi tribes in Arizona. His booth was loaded with exquisite sterling silver and turquoise pieces of jewelry— all hand-made by him. The energy emanating from his booth was weird and jungle-like, but incredibly inviting.

My friend and I walked into Thorne’s booth, sat down on the floor and talked to the long-haired viking man for (what felt like) hours. He told us stories about how he saw the Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, Janis Joplin and the Doors nearly a dozen times. He told us stories about his experience with the Native Americans and what they taught him about life. He gave away free books to young children and reminded them that reading is cool.

At that moment, everything felt right in the world. The Cheeba Chew helped enhance my Sawdust experience, and I highly recommend it if you want to enhance your Sawdust experience, too. Just remember to seek out the Viking Man!

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