SanTana's Tower of Harrah [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week's “Orange Feathers” editorial cartoon, artist AlGae decided to take on the never-ending douchebaggery that is SanTana developer Mike Harrah. Take it away, AlGae!

“Big Mike” Harrah, is remaking Downtown SanTana in his image. This larger-than-life millionaire, developer, philanthropist, and stunt pilot has owned at least 50 buildings in OC since the 1990’s. Harrah bought the former OC Register site so he could turn it into a couple of 10 to 30-story buildings. He also has plans for a 37-story office building with heliport at One Broadway Plaza. Families living in the nearby residential neighborhood just across the street soon see what Big Mike calls “a new vertical urbanization environment” looking down on their homes. Call it what you like. It marks the end of SanTana as we know it.

HA! Good job, fam!

Got an idea for an Orange County-based editorial cartoon? Email garellano at ocweekly dot com. Happy drawering!

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