Santa Ana's Utility Box Art Project Will Make Your Utility Box Look Good

SanTana has just about the greatest public art in Orange County–most of it anyway. Street art, storefront murals, large gaping murals hidden within downtown's alleys, all paying homage to the breadth of culture that lives within the city. And it looks like more is on the way.

The City Council is offering artists the opportunity to beautify SanTana's plain ol' dumpy utility boxes with their own original artwork with the Utility Box Art Project. UBAP is just one of the ways the council is planning to bring in more public art to town, while at the same time engaging members of the community to participate. Artists and art groups must apply by November 6 to be considered for the opportunity, as they will be able to enjoy the neat perk of exposure, a stipend of $700 and a reimbursement of $200 for supplies. That's a huge win-win-win!


We're not the first city to take on this venture. Other cities like LA and Berkeley have already painted over their unsightly utility boxes and made them visually pleasing for the public. Downtown SanTana will be the first area of the city to undergo these changes. As Jay Trevino, the Executive Director of Planning for the council, told Artbound “This is an opportunity to beautify the City, invest in the arts, and provide another way for local artists to showcase their work in a unique way.”

Whether an artist will be selected will be decided on several factors, including appropriateness of scale, form, and content (no erotic nudes, guys), and if they have previous experience working on similar projects. So artists, your new challenge awaits! Make sure to turn in your applications along with three conceptual renderings by November 6, 5pm in order to be considered. More information can be found here.

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