Santa Ana to Offer Two Hours Free Parking in Downtown Structures

Maybe with SanTana’s ongoing sesquicentennial celebrations or seemingly sagging downtown in mind, patrons looking to hang out in the area will enjoy two hours of free parking starting in December. Four city-owned parking structures are good for as much thanks to the generous gesture announced this week.

Looking to score some of that worry-free parking for a couple hours? Here’s the locations to keep in mind come December 1.

  • 5th & Spurgeon, 300 E. 5th St.
  • 5th & Main, 420 N. Main St.
  • 3rd & Birch, 310 N. Birch St.
  • 3rd & Broadway, 201 W 3rd St.

As for those pesky street meters, always remember that parking at those spaces is free on Sundays and holidays. Otherwise, bring your coins and set a timer on your phones, lest a meter maid leave you a special gift pinned down by your car’s windshield wiper when the meter lights blink red!

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