Santa Ana to Ban Homeless Pets in Civic Center Because That’s City’s Worst Problem Right Now

The SanTana City Council is nothing if not consistent in having incredibly misplaced priorities over the past 20-some years. This is the group of pendejos who have poured millions of dollars into the downtown while the rest of the city was declared the toughest place in the U.S. to live in. The governing body who, when faced with massive overcrowding and a declining housing stock, instead declared a trolley through DTSA was more important—and a boutique hotel!

And now, with a years-long homeless crisis continuing to metastasize at the Civic Center right outside SanTana City Hall, the city council wants to declare war on…homeless pets?

That’s buried in a list of proposed changes to the municipal code that the city plans to vote on tomorrow. It’s actually part of a long laundry list of stuff that the city has tried to ban for years: tents, do-gooders who feed the homeless, homeless, blah blah blah. But staff reports take particular aim at animals, declaring that “no person shall own, keep or harbor any animal in the Civic Center, except for service dogs as defined by law.”

Here that, pigeon lady? Can’t feed those birds anymore! Besides, isn’t bread and rice particularly bad for them?

In a supplemental report, staffers talk about seeing an “unattended” dog with a “large litter of puppies” at the Plaza of the Flags—because homeless dogs should be on the pill, you know? Angry? City Council meets tomorrow at 5:45 p.m. See you there!

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