Santa Ana Says It Has Third-Best Tap Water in the World

I defend (and trash) Santa Ana more than most reporters, but one issue I thought both sides of any argument could agree on is the city's tap water–flat, cloudy, with a metallic aftertaste. It doesn't compare to the light, clear, chilly stuff that came out of hoses during my Anaheim youth, the smooth liquid I just had in San Francisco, the smoky agua drawn from centuries-old wells in my parents' home ranchos in Zacatecas.

Now comes word via The Orange County Register that the Santa Ana City Council is trumpeting its water as the third-best in the world, all because it placed third in some obscure competition that involved 35 entries–only one of which was from outside the United States.

Really? Santa Ana water? You mean this?

Since this is the food section of the Weekly, I won't bog ustedes Forkers TOO much down with the risible nature of Santa Ana's powers-that-be trumpeting this “achievement” while letting the city crumble. I will say, however, that SanTana has much more to celebrate culinarily than its gross-ass tap water, which we do all the time on this infernal blog. Oh, those crazy lib politicians . . .

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