Santa Ana Pot Collective Sells Girl Scout Cookies?

The Green Love Collective in Santa Ana has an unusual strain on offer for customers: Girl Scout Cookies. According to the collective's page on, the top-shelf indica strain contains 30.5 percent THC and sells for $20 per gram, $50 per eighth-of-an-ounce, or $360 per ounce. There's also an Organic Girl Scout Cookie strain, which, unlike organic versions of what you find at your local supermarket, is actually cheaper than the regular strain, at just $13 per gram, $40 per eighth, or $280 per ounce, although the website doesn't say whether it's lower in THC content.

Based on customer reviews, Girl Scout Cookies lives up to the hype. 

“First time trying the girl scout cookies,” writes one reviewer. “When i saw that it's got 30% THC, i just had to pick some of that up and it was certainly fire. I haven't had nug hit me that hard in a while, very good. Tempted to go back already and get some more of that respect og and to try the liquid butter.”
Besides Girl Scout Cookies, the aforementioned Respect OG, and other strains such as Green Crack, the Green Love Collective also sells the winning Charlie Sheen OG, the creation of which we first reported last July. At the time, Sheen said he was “honored” that a pot strain had been named after him. There's no word yet on whether the Girl Scouts of America feel the same way, nor is it yet clear how many more actual Girl Scout cookies will be sold thanks to the introduction of this latest appetite-stimulating pot strain. 
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