Santa Ana Police Shut Down (Not So) Lucky 999 Cyber Internet Café

Gaming machines, a money counter and paperwork associated with an illegal gambling ring were among the items seized in Tuesday’s early morning raid of a Santa Ana internet café, where 22 people were also detained, according to police.

“Community complaints” prompted the Santa Ana Police Department to serve a search warrant Tuesday morning at the Lucky 999 Cyber Internet Café, 1314 N. Grand Ave., states an SAPD advisory.

“This particular establishment had been the center of a wide range of community complaints of illegal gambling and narcotics activity,” reads the advisory. “Police officers have made numerous arrests in and around the location ranging from assault with a deadly weapon violations, to prostitution robbery, and various weapons violations.”

Detectives described the inside of the business as “a fully operational gambling establishment,” and they seized 19 gaming machines that accommodated at least 45 gambling stations, according to SAPD.

Also confiscated was a DVR, computers, a money counter, about $9,200 in cash “and miscellaneous paperwork indicative of an illegal gambling ring,” states the advisory, which adds one worker was arrested for allegedly working at an illegal gaming establishment and four patrons were popped on outstanding arrest warrants.

The Santa Ana Code Enforcement Unit “red tagged” the building, deeming it unsafe for occupancy.

The Santa Ana Police Department is reaching out to anyone with information about illegal gambling at Lucky 999 Cyber Internet Café or similar establishments in the city. Call the Santa Ana Police Vice Unit at 714.245.8502 or Code Enforcement at 714.667.2780.

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