Santa Ana Police Search for the Moron Bank Bandit

Do you recognize this bumbling wannabe bandit?

Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) detectives are searching for a man who made three mistakes during an attempted robbery of a Wells Fargo branch located in Orange County’s busiest prostitution area.

In mid-December, the bandit slipped a demanding note to a bank teller after placing fingerprints from both hands on it; gave police a relatively good shot of his face; and left the building in a panic without stealing a penny after a teller triggered an alarm.

SAPD Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told reporters that witnesses saw the foiled thief jump into the passenger seat of a teal-colored Jeep Wrangler that peeled out as it fled the scene.

Bertagna released photos of the suspect in, well, bumbling action and asked for anyone with information about his identity to contact his agency at 714-245-8323.

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  1. You know when you’re in a bad area when your bank has a 2 inch thick barrier between you and the public. Or is this how all banks are now? Haven’t been in a bank in years.

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