Santa Ana Police Horses Keep Pooping in Downtown–And Police Don't Clean Up

Ever since the tragic death of Kim Pham last year, police on horseback have been a common site nearly every weekend in downtown SanTana. And ever since SanTana PD have mounted horses to patrol all the drunk hipsters stumbling around, another police presence has left its mark on the ever-gentrifying downtown: horse shit. Pies of it. Plops. Streaks. Watery.

And most of it, more often than not, left on the ground, to be cleaned up by anyone other than SanTana police.


The above photo was taken two Saturday mornings ago around 8 a.m., on the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway. One of Call Cuatro's business owners was reduced to cleaing up the mess lest customers think badly of the commerce district. How can SanTana PD expect respect from residents when they can't even clean up after their horse's shit? Gives a new meaning to the term po-po…HA!

Oh, and what is it with SanTana's high-and-mighty and their proclivity to tolerate shit on public streets?

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