Santa Ana PD Needs Help Identifying John Doe

The Santa Ana Police Department would like the public’s help in identifying the person pictured here, who was found nearly two months ago. The individual is 20-30 years old, of medium height and 150 to 190 pounds with a circular scar on the upper left arm. When found, the person was wearing a blue/gray tank top, black pants and black shoes.

Here’s the story, which isn’t very detailed, about how the police came upon the John Doe, according to a Santa Ana PD news release sent out on Oct. 29.

On August 31, 2019 at approximately 7PM, Santa Ana PD Dispatch received a call of a subject who was seated in the area of 5200 W. 7th Street, non-responsive and to have been staring down at the ground for several hours. SAPD Officers and OCFA medics arrived to provide medical aid. John Doe was ultimately transported to Fountain Valley Hospital where he remains under medical evaluation. He continues to be non-responsive, non-communicative and attempts to identify him have yielded negative results.

Anyone with information as to this individual’s identity should contact Detective A. Garcia at (714) 245-8408 or AG*****@sa*******.org.

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