Santa Ana Officials Redraw Renaissance Plan Boundaries Again

Today, Los Angeles Times SanTana reporter Jennifer Delson delivers a bombshell of a story on the city's Renaissance Plan: not only did city officials redraw the Renaissance Plan boundaries to omit the family businesses of councilmember Vince Sarmiento and Mayor Papi Pulido (as we reported last month), but they're planning to do it yet again to allow councilmember Michelle Martinez and planning commissioner Victoria Bentacourt to vote on the matter. Martinez is claiming SanTana officials are using her name to deflect citizen outrage from Sarmiento and Papi Pulido, and we're inclined to believe her being that the other councilmembers despise her (see any City Council meeting…oh wait! Not all of them are televised!) and she has appeared at town hall meetings regarding the Plan. We're going to leave Bentacourt for tomorrow, but for the meanwhile, let's ridicule SanTana planning director Jay Trevino, who told Delson, “It would be silly to have a plan that three council members can't vote on.” You know what's even sillier, Jay? Letting councilmembers off the hook of a plan that normal citizens are decrying as unfair to their livelihood. It's so silly, it's downright unethical–hee hee! Way to side with the afflicted, güey. Sarmiento and Pulido, by the way, didn't return Delson's calls–and we all know what that means–right, Carlos Bustamante?

One final point: Trevino says the boundaries were redrawn the first time to allow Papi Pulido and Sarmiento to vote. But, as we disclosed earlier this month, previous precedent by the two show they're honorable enough to abstain from any votes involving downtown SanTana. Even if they do the same this time, it doesn't matter: their family's properties will remain unaffected. And, as the boundaries stand for the moment, Sarmiento still can't vote, being his property is RIGHT NEXT TO THE BOUNDARY of the Renaissance Plan. Can't wait for your next draw-up, Jay–keep comforting the comforted and chingando los chingados!

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