Santa Ana Finally Regains Its Farmers Market

After years of going without one, Santa Ana is finally regaining its farmers market. There's every reason for Santa Ana to host a large market downtown, given the population, the proliferation of market-driven restaurants, and the long tradition of open-air produce markets in Latino cultures.


The farmers market, which has gotten through the permitting process, will launch soon on Spurgeon between 3rd and 4th, every Thursday from 2-8 p.m., rain or shine. It's part of the re-invention of East Fourth Street that saw the development of the Yost Theatre, Playground, and the Fourth Street Market

Meanwhile, the market is seeking applications from interested vendors, both prepared foods and farmers/ranchers. For further information, including rules and booth fees, contact in**@dt***************.com.

We're looking forward to shopping there for our ciruelas, chabacanos, melón y sandía.

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