Sand Storm IPA at Belmont Brewery, Our Beer of the Week!

You wouldn’t expect placid, tony Belmont Shores to have the honor of hosting Southern California’s oldest craft brewery. But since 1990, Belmont Brewery has attracted customers for its fine suds and a patio that boasts spectacular views of the Queen Mary and memorable sunsets. 

Serving lunch and dinner along with not one but two happy hours (3 p.m.-6 p.m., and 9 p.m. to close) go with the artichoke spinach dip and the fried calamari for snacks to pair with their beers. The Strawberry Blond is a local legend: refreshing and fruity it’s perfect for this El Nada winter of ours! Malty, smooth and very flavorful makes the Top Sail an easy-to-drink red ale. The Long Beach Crude is a stout that’s not heavy but light and toasty. And Belmont Brewery also offers blends of all their beers. Similar to ordering a black and tan, they’ll combine two of their offerings to make up to five other beers or blends. For instance, the Top Sail and Crude combined create the Penny Fogger; Pale Ale and Top Sail create the Pale Sail. Cheers to their creativity!

Beer of the Week is the Sand Storm IPA 7.3% ABV Hoppy and smooth but not bitter, it’s a seasonal, so don’t miss out. Belmont Shores isn’t IL.A., it’s not OC—but it ‘taint really Long Beach either…

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