San Clemente Garden Club’s Garden Fest

It’s springtime, folks, and that means one thing—growth. Obviously, it’s great if during the season you plan on tending to the needs of your fellow man, aiding in the positive growth of mankind—but we know that shit ain't gonna happen. So we suggest you keep it simple and instead grow a garden. The San Clemente Garden Club wants to help you bring new life into the world with their Garden Fest. In addition to a plant sale featuring a selection of strawberries, there are also programs for the kids, a garden flea market and a funky container contest (anyone can enter). Be sure to buy a little something because your money will be put to good use through civic beautification and horticultural scholarships—this is your chance to be a two-time winner. Grow with it.

Sat., April 12, 8 a.m., 2014

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