Sad Restaurant News :-(

The souring economy has closed two Orange County hole-in-the-wall favorites, is threatening a third, and changing a fourth. Closed for unknown reasons is Irie Jamaican Restaurant in Cypress, long the only local Jamaican restaurant. Shut down as a casualty of downtown Fullerton's continuing gentrification is Ruben's Panaderia, which I've been frequenting since a kid, so I know it didn't close for lack of business. Jason's Downtown in SanTana is now only open for dinner Thursday through Saturday because of slow business. And then there's the yummy, massive sangak bread sold at Wholesome Choice in Irvine. Due to “drastic rises” in flour, according to a taped paper at the market's sangak line, owners have had to raise the price–by a dime. Four feet of toasted brilliance now sets you back $2.79. The horror, the horror…

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