Rye Douglas Band, Hindu Pirates and Pacific Hurt vs. Spiders From Bars

Tonight, the Rye Douglas Band is headlining
a record release show–actually a single
release show-at the House of Blues. But in many ways it's
actually a
great local showcase for a lot of different bands. Besides the
Huntington Beach
headliners themselves, showcasing said single release, “Trial and
there's our Locals Only featured act this week, the Hindu Pirates


Also on the bill: Union Line, gearing up
for their
tour with Local Natives
and the former Aushua–now renamed Pacific Hurt.  

on tonight is a band called Spiders from Bars
and if that sets off
the tribute band alarm bell in your brain we really couldn't blame you. It is
indeed a tribute band celebrating the work of David Bowie
, who has been known to
have a hit song or two. (As the recently announced and completely over
the top
reissue box for Station to Station

demonstrates.) That all said, the particular act has more
than most, featuring local legends like Adolescents
veteran Steve Soto and Alex
of Alex's Bar in Long
Beach, where the show is unsurprisingly going down.
Here's the real thing to whet your appetites:


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