Ryan Merriman of Final Destination 3 Makes Newport Beach Drunk Tank His Latest Destination

Actor Ryan Merriman pulled his car too far into the intersection at a red light Sunday night and, upon further inspection by patrol officers, had been driving under the influence, according to Newport Beach police.

The Chocktaw, Oklahoma-born 28-year-old failed a field sobriety test after the 11:30 p.m. traffic stop and was later booked into Newport Beach city jail in lieu of $2,500 bail, says department spokeswoman Kathy Lowe.

The actor's blood-alcohol level was not released.

Merriman has appeared in 25 films, four television series and as a guest
star in several projects since breaking into the biz in TV commercials
at age 8. According to his imdb page, his credits include the movies The Ring 2 and Final Destination 3, as well as the hit ABC Family Channel drama Pretty Little Liars, in which he portrays Ian Thomas, the sinister charmer everyone loves to

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