Ryan Carson's Pri-v? Pop-Up Among First To Use Playground 2.0 Space

Last week Chef Ryan Carson revealed that The Playground is opening a pop-up addendum called Collaboration 2.0 (or Playground 2.0, or just 2.0 depending on who you ask), right next door. It's going to be kind of a restaurant space for rent for itinerant pop-up chefs like, well, Ryan Carson, himself.

So it should come as no surprise that Carson will among the first chefs to use the space when his Pri-vē pop-up returns on Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. there.

Carson said on his website that he, himself, will be taking reservations and prepayments.


Meanwhile The Playground's website has other details on what else is in store for opening week. Here's what it says:

2.0, our culinary theater next to the Playground, is open. We are testing out fun ways to use it. During the week of 3/26-3/30 we will host five in-house pop-ups. On Tuesday and Thursday, Chef Jon is going to duplicate a fried chicken dinner he loved at Ad Hoc when he worked there. We call this, J.F.C. On Thursday, Jason and Max will reprise the best of the LA fish market Until Sold Out. On Friday and Saturday, Chef Ryan will show off his molecular gastronomy skills with a Pri-vē tasting menu. Contact Rh***@Pl************.com for more information.

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