Ruthie “Mama Bear” Marshall Cuts Plea Deal to Join White Supremacist Hubby Behind Bars

Ruthie Christine Marshall (a.k.a. “Mama Bear”), the first defendant tried as part of the multi-agency “Operation Stormfront” that targeted about 50 white supremacist gang members behind bars and on the streets, pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping and assaulting a man she blamed for her car being impounded.


Cops: OC White Power Gang “Disrupted” in Undercover Sting

The 45-year-old Garden Grove woman is expected to be sentenced in March to 20
years in prison as part of a plea deal that also had her copping to extortion and admitting a sentencing enhancement for gang activity was true.

Orange County law enforcement is keeping it all in the family as Mama Bear's husband, Wayne Marshall, was also snared by Operation Stormfront for allegedly being a “shot caller” in Orange County Jail for the white-power gang Public Enemy Number One (a.k.a. PEN1).

His old lady was angry that police impounded her car after a friend borrowed it without her permission. So she and Jeffrey Peek lured the friend in July 2010 to a motel where he was beaten and told to fork over the impound fees. Marshall, Alexander Manfred Lind and Jesse Raffensberger lured the fellow to another motel on Aug. 5, 2010–we're not dealing with Mensa members here, folks–where he was beaten again.

Like Mama Bear, Lind, Raffensberger and Peek all cut plea deals with prosecutors. Unlike Mama Bear, they have already received their prison sentences, which range from seven to 12 years. But Marshall was actually tried first, but the original jury was hung 11-1 in favor of conviction.

Operation Stormfront had undercover Orange County sheriff's deputies and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigators infiltrating PEN1 and the Aryan Brotherhood. ​PEN1 was born in Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach and is affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.

​Police and prosecutors say Orange County is home to the largest concentration of white power hoodlums in the nation.

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