Russians Open Pay-Per-Minute Coffee Shop in London

Would you pay 5 cents a minute to hangout in a coffee shop? What if they offered free coffee and cookies?

That's the business plan a Russian-owned coffee shop in London is trying out. The coffee and snacks are free, but when you arrive, you gotta clock in.


It's an interesting concept. The service is non-existent — coffee is stored in thermoses and no one is going to bus your plate — but three bucks an hour for free wi-fi and a workspace? Sounds like heaven to me.

From the coffee shop's website:
“Ziferblat is a place where everyone can feel at home. Here you are free to be yourself; you can work, do some art, read a book, play piano, get acquainted with good people, attend events, drink as much tea or coffee as you want — in other words, do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.”
“Ziferblat's doors are open to everyone. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a sort of micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life. You will be welcomed by the Ziferblat community and able to work with them to help create, supply and develop this project.”

Would this work in Orange County? Probably not. We have no where near the population density or public transportation as London, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

The Guardian's got the full report, so read it.

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