Rush, The Mentors, The Germs and Crass: That Disney Shirt Gets Parodied by Dave Noise

You know Dave Noise over at Factory Records, right? Well, it turns out that he not only sells records, he's hilarious and pretty good with the Photoshop. Hence his brand spankin' new Tumblr account called “Mickey Mouse Meets Ian Curtis,” featuring parodies of the Joy Division-inspired Mickey shirt, featuring logos of bands such as the Mentors, Rush and Crass. We spoke to Dave about the whole thing…read it after the jump.

What inspired you to do this, and why the Germs, Bauhaus, the Mentors, Crass, etc?
I get bored at work, and like to do something besides price records all
day. My friend Vince sent me a link to the Disney shirt, and I just
found it so wrong (in a good way) that Disney was selling shirt inspired
by a band named after a prostitution wing in a Nazi concentration camp,
whose singer committed suicide.

My previous obsession has been making
posts for a Tumblr blog I made called Lightsaber Record Covers, but I
saw this tee, and I was inspired to create a few more ideas for the
folks at Disney. The Mentors are pretty much the opposite of what Disney
is all about, so I started with that. The others were inspired simply
from looking at the wall at the shop here, plus the fact they wouldn't
seem Disney-friendly, and their simplicity (and my friend Aron Silzle did the
Crass one).

Are you really a Photoshop whiz?
No, but I know more than the basics and I've never met a Photoshop
tutorial I couldn't figure out. I've made money doing Photoshop design
for people. Not a whiz, but I can make things happen with it.

Would you wear that Joy Division Disney shirt?
No. I love Joy Division, and I love Disneyland (the park itself. The old one. Not California Adventure or the surrounding areas. Not the Disney company, dig?), and as wrong as it is, it just does not look cool. (I'd wear the fake Wu-Tang one, but I don't wanna get sued!)

(A few minutes later, Dave sent me a story on Pitchfork saying Disney pulled the shirt.)
Actually, fuck it, now'd I'd wear one since it's now a collector's item.

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