Run Away Japan! KFC's Double-Down Is Headed Straight For You!

The Japanese have blessed our food landscape by introducing us to sushi and ramen. We, in turn, set them up with McDonald's and all its fatty fast food kin.

Now, KFC is unleashing their notorious Double Down upon the Japanese public next week.

If they knew what was good for them they'd flee away in terror as
if Godzilla's fast approaching (yes, we had to trot out the Godzilla
reference for this), but they seem rather happy of its imminent arrival. (See the
video below starting at the 1:40 mark).

The Japanese, if you
didn't know, have already made KFC a tradition during Christmas (which
is just as weird to us as California rolls must be for them). Entire
KFCs have been re-branded and painted to herald the Double Down's
arrival. And from the looks of the video and the posters it seems
nothing was lost in translation. All of its awfulness looks intact.
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