Rum Oaked English IPA at Old Orange Brewery Co., Our Beer of the Week!

Very good craft beer is a gift that you don’t unwrap but drink. It’s a gift from the brewmaster—”Here, drink my beer/gift. I made this!!!” You will find these gifts at Old Orange Brewery Co., in many different and satisfying flavors. That’s the good news, but here’s the catch: they close at 8 p.m., per city of Orange ordinances. Located right off Katella Avenue and Batavia Street, it’s an easy stop before a Ducks or Angels game or movie. Plan your evening accordingly to enjoy as many flavorful “gifts” as Old Orange has to offer. 

Open for five years , this is a family run business that’s trying to get the city of Orange to allow them to stay open later than 8 p.m. I suggested they open at 8 a.m.. to 8 p.m.., but me so crazy. Their Cussin’ Jim IPA has a 7.4% abv and smooth, flavorful, slightly sweet—.hoppy but not bitter. Another gem is the Smudge Pot Russian Imperial Stout on Nitro 11.2 % abv—an excellent, very smooth, full flavor hooch that’s rich and roasty, with hints of chocolate. But the Beer of the Week goes to their Rum Oaked English IPA 8% abv—BOOM! The rum and beer are infused with slight notes of coconut. This beer packs a punch, a very warm punch perfect for these cold winter evenings. 

Bring some snacks to cleanse the palate. And get all civic-minded and shit by placing a call or email to the Orange city council and telling them what the hell. Hey, council-pendejos: 10 P.M. is the new 8 P.M.

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