Rules 6, 7, 8 and 9 For After You've Murdered Someone

​Do not steal your murder victim's truck, run out of gas on a major highway and then fall asleep inside the vehicle while you're covered in blood.

–In August 2006, California Highway Patrol officers found a 1994 Ford Ranger parked on the side of northbound Interstate 5 near Oso Parkway. The drunk and high driver, Salvador Chavo Marquez, was asleep and covered in blood. Earlier, Marquez had loaded Stephen Clark's jewelry, coins, passport, computer equipment, fishing gear and video porn collection into Clark's truck and left Clark's San Clemente residence. When deputies later entered the home, they found Clark's mutilated corpse on a bathroom floor beside a dead dog that had been stabbed 60 times. During questioning, Marquez insisted it had been Clark who'd gone nuts about a dispute over a fishing pole–never mind that it was Clark's blood that covered the walls and whose intestines were found on a door knob. Later, during questioning by homicide detectives, Marquez conceded: “After reviewing all the evidence, yes. I have a strong belief that it's possible it was me. I remember snapping–snapping out of my blackout and seeing him dead on the floor.” Last week, a California Court of Appeal rejected an effort by Marquez to overturn his murder-during-the-commission-of-a-burglary conviction on technicalities.

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