RRIICCEE (not pronounced “rice”; you’ve got to spell it out) are a free-form experimental band started in 2007 by former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson and actor/director Vincent Gallo (perhaps most infamously known for getting a real BJ from Chloë Sevigny in The Brown Bunny ). The band toured that year and again in 2008, but they seemed to implode thanks to a constantly revolving lineup. Gallo remained the only publicly announced member for some time, promising to announce new band members when the 2010 tour took off; we now know that includes Woody Jackson and Nico Turner. Capturing each unique moment onstage, their songs are spontaneous and devoid of any structure—imagine Polar Goldie Cats or an uncontrolled Explosions In the Sky. Don’t miss their Detroit Bar stop—RRIICCEE have no current plans to record any of their music.

Sun., Nov. 21, 9 p.m., 2010

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