Rosemary Paper Co. Loves the Lettering

It's ironic that a girl, scolded in grade school for her terrible handwriting, now finds an enriching hobby in typography. “I literally failed cursive in fourth grade,” says Eunice Park, the founder of Rosemary Paper Co., “but I turned my failed hand-lettering into my craft.”

Park metriculated at the Orange County High School of the Arts, then went to UCLA for music and art history, but she never officially studied as a visual artist. Her black-and-white, no-frills offerings gained her a loyal following on social media. Rosemary Paper Co. stands out for its simple, childlike and imperfect beauty. The company specializes in custom wedding invitations and lettered prints with Park's favorite uplifting quotes. “I definitely see a movement toward brides wanting to take creative control of their paper goods,” Park says. “Hiring small designers such as myself gives the client free range to create what they truly love.”

While she spends much of her time caring for her baby boy and working full-time at Biola University, Park is grateful to her husband for taking some responsibilities off her shoulders. “I don't have a workspace, though,” Park says, explaining that her studio is the entire cottage she and her little family occupy in La Habra Heights. “Our living room and bedroom walls are canvases for me to test out prints, and I love it!”

She believes there is a power in reading and reciting words. “If I have the opportunity to help people remember what they value most,” she says, “I want to do that!”

See, those cursive classes don't matter at all!

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