Roosterhead Conjures Up The 'California Creeps' Compilation

So it's almost time for Halloween, and you're not eight years-old. People aren't giving away jack shit for free anymore and if you show up unannounced to someone's house wearing a mask, they'll likely just call the cops on you. But cheer up, grown up-ish people of OC–there's still some free Halloween joy to be had thanks to playful,psych-punk duo Roosterhead.

Hopefully you're familiar with these Huntington Beach-based sonic weirdos, but in case you're not, just know that these guys specialize in building and playing some of the most brilliant garage rock instruments we've ever seen–usually fabricated out of out of tennis rackets, dead computers and children's toys. So it makes sense that they'd be just as proficient in putting together a compilation album full of random pieces of homegrown talent. Last week, they gifted us with their California Creeps compilation featuring artists from all over OC, Long Beach and L.A.–it's a veritable Frankenstein of psychedelic goodness that you'll be happy to shove into your pillow case, or your ears, or wherever. Now, we're happily passing it on to you.

Featuring acts like Karl?, The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Time and Energy and the Roosterhead guys, you'll definitely want to pull this one apart and take a closer look. Careful, you might find razor blades. The full compilation is available for you streaming and sharing pleasure below.


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