Rooney With Voxhaul Broadcast

The two bands playing the House of Blues this evening, Rooney and Voxhaul Broadcast, are musical titans of the pop hook. Sidenote: We spite Voxhaul Broadcast, who, as with many bands before them who were birthed in the land of citrus, claim LA as their home base. Sniff. Luckily for them, they mitigate our resentment by writing wonderfully arranged, melodic indie music. By blending the haunting, echoey guitar work of post-punk with the stutter-step shuffle of great Beatles songs and impassioned vocals from the classic rock era, they outdo bill opener Rooney in the edginess department. This isn’t a slight on Rooney, however, who cleverly craft catchy melodies worthy of bringing tears to Brian Wilson’s eyes. 

Wed., June 22, 8 p.m., 2011

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