Ronin Burrito, A New Late-Night Sushi Delivery Service, Opens

Ronins are wandering samurai with no home, swords for hire. So kudos to whoever named the new Ronin Burrito, a sushi delivery service that serves UCI and its environs like Ippo Sushi and DelSushi.

If you look closely though, Ronin Burrito is different from those two. Its menu and focus is more like Fountain Valley's Samurai Burrito in that it serves exactly the same kind of food: uncut sushi rolls which can be called a burrito if you're stretching the definition.

But just like its established rivals Ippo and DelSushi, Ronin Burrito doesn't start delivering until 6 p.m. and then stops for the night at 2 a.m.


To see the menu and order something, check out the website at, but first check on the coverage map to make sure the Ronin wanders into your part of the fiefdom.

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