Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana Cleared After Bomb Scare

UPDATE, SEPT. 15 2:25 P.M.: Authorities are now clearing the scene in front of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse after a bomb scare earlier today. A suspicious package found proved to be no threat to safety. “[The] bomb squad advised that the briefcase contains a VCR inside,” reports Santa Ana police spokesman Anthony Bertagna. (Quick aside: Who carries those things around anymore?) 

Police say they'd like to identify the person who left the briefcase behind, but at this point no real crime has been committed. Carry on with your work day, folks!

Authorities blocked off streets by the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Santa Ana today around 1 p.m. to investigate a package found in front of it. “A suspicious package was located by U.S. Marshals and they contacted us,” Santa Ana police spokesman Cpl. Anthony Bertagna tells the Weekly. “After that, we called in the OC Sheriff's Department's bomb squad.”

The bomb squad continues to investigate the package, with other details slim at the time. The Weekly has been unable to reach U.S. Marshals about any evacuations or lock downs The scare came at peak lunch hours and many businesses across the way from the courthouse on 4th Street were full of patrons. 

“We're were having a busy day at Cafe Calacas,” says worker Marilynn Montano. “At first, US Marshals told us that we didn't have to leave, that it'd be safer staying inside the business.” They cleared the sidewalks, but allowed people like Montano to voluntarily leave out towards Broadway. 

Stay posted for more developments as they come. 

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