Ron Artest: Only Reason He Plays for the Lakers Is In-N-Out

I like the Lakers, but despise Kobe Bryant. Ron Artest? Total weirdo, which makes him a class act in my book. And now another reason to like him: another In-N-Out nut.

The National Basketball Association fined Artest last week for an altercation during a Los Angeles Clippers game, but then rescinded the levy. That got Artest jabbering.

“I didn't want to just give it away,” Artest told the Los Angeles Times. “I could've bought 10,000 In-N-Out Burgers. I rather would've done that than give it away. I'm going to get 10 burgers [after the game]. I love In-N-Out. It's addicting. It's the only reason I'm here in LA. If it weren't for In-N-Out Burger, I probably would've gone to Memphis or something.”

Another endorsement . . .

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