Romney:Reagan = Hewitt:Smart

Our beloved local conservative loudmouth Hugh Hewitt has spent the last half-year ranting about how Republican presidential candidate (and subject of his most-recent book) Mitt Romney is the next coming of Ronald Reagan to the point of nausea and idiocy.

“Romney has reassembled the Reagan coalition and may have done so just in time to save the GOP from lapsing into its pre-Reagan days,” Baby Hewie wrote last night, and doesn't the man just love to gnash the hands that fed him? You'll remember that Baby Hewie was a speech writer for Yorba Linda boy Richard Nixon and also was the first executive director of his library–and we all know how Nixon felt about Reagan. So whither the Dickster, Baby Hewie? Whither the Dixter? By the way, Romney is Reagan like Hillary Clinton is Barry Goldwater.

Watch Baby Hewie shill for his boy at OC Blog alongside Dana Rohrabacher. Hey, Hugh: Dana palled around with the Taliban way back when. Why would you associate yourself, o chronicler of the Long War, with him?

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