Rolling Paper 420 Field Guide: Best of Products



Gift Box

Featuring their line of virgin flowers grown in Coachella Valley, Canndescent knows how to put together a gift box that is basically a one-stop shop for your green needs. Featuring an organic hempwick, rolling papers, crutches, and matches alongside some seriously tastey flowers this box is worth it’s weight in gold. With strains that emphasize  each specific effect you’ll know exactly what your getting into when you light up. Canndescent is conveniently available at dispensaries throughout OC and LA.


Cannavis brand syrups make it super easy to craft a beverage while on the go or in your hotel. Each bottle of medicated liquid blends easily into your drink of choice without alerting anyone around you that you’re about to be higher than a kite. If you need a quick hangover cure try adding some to a smoothie or smother your pancakes in its syrupy goodness instead of drowning in bottomless mimosas.

Lowell Smokes

Lowell’s curated blend of indica strains come pre-rolled into 7 joints that measure out to 3.5 grams. For travelers that would rather spend their time rolling around our famous tourist destinations instead of rolling their cannabis, Lowell basically does the grunt work for you, so just light up with the matches that are included in the box.. Big things come in small packages and Lowell isn’t messing around when it comes to their flowers. You can see for yourself why we can’t stop praising Lowell for growing killer buds that look almost too good to burn.

Puffco Peak

In what can only be described as a game changer, this devices intuitive design, simple features, and easy to clean parts deliver a flavor profile and euphoric effect that rivals anything I’ve ever experienced. Vaping is one of the easiest ways to medicate while traveling and with the Puffco Peak it’s never been easier. Available at dispensaries like Peoples OC and online at, just be prepared, because  after using this futuristic vape everything else feels a bit lame in comparison.

Shine Papers

Shine’s 24-karat gold rolling papers will have you feeling like Midas himself while medicating with their gift box. Featuring a King sized cone ready for you to fill with whatever treasures you please just make sure you share it with your fellow kinfolk as greed has been the downfall of many empires. Once all paper currency has ceased to exist these babies will be worth their weight in well, gold. Visit to order your  box now. P.S. have it sent to your hotel so it’s waiting for you as soon as you arrive behind the Orange Curtain.


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