Rohrabacher: U.S. Military Incapable of Winning In Afghanistan

​Given trillions of dollars, Pentagon brass like to think that no military mission is too difficult.
So it's rare when a congressman–especially a conservative Republican politician–will openly tell the Pentagon that it's impotent: that no matter how many soldiers its sends or bombs it drops, it won't win.
But that's what Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) has done.


According to Rohrabacher, the U.S. military is incapable of winning in Afghanistan.
“There is no military solution [in Afghanistan],” Rohrabacher said this week at a Washington, D.C. symposium touting business investment opportunities in the embattled country, The Orange County Register reported.
Of course, that's not what Rohrabacher said when he praised President George W. Bush for sending the U.S. military into Afghanistan in the first place. The occupation move apparently sent tingles down the congressman's spine when a Republican was in the White House. He pretended at the time that Bush was channeling a mixture of Patton, Nostradamus and Christ.
Rohrabacher–who avoided military duty during the Vietnam War–now argues that U.S. taxpayers should regularly pay Afghanistan warlords for their loyalty and also spend billions of dollars more to build that country's infrastructure.
Though he fancies himself an expert on numerous topics including Afghanistan, during the Clinton Administration, Rohrabacher openly lobbied for American concessions to the Taliban while the group harbored Osama bin Laden and the terrorists plotting the 9-11 attacks. He strenuously claimed that the U.S. media had smeared the group by falsely portraying it as anti-woman and anti-U.S. 
But you won't find that shameless fact in Rohrabacher's bio.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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