Democrats are “Russian” to Spread The Rohrabacher Conspiracy

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is targeting Dana Rohrabacher’s 48th Congressional District seat because more voters there cast ballots for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, on Wednesday unveiled The Rohrabacher Conspiracy website.

Coupled with an ad campaign—in English and Russian— slams the “Surfing’ Congressman” and the veteran GOP lawmaker’s “circle of Washington swamp friends that include Blackwater chief Erik Prince, disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Trump campaign chair and subject of an FBI investigation Paul Manafort, and Russian despot Vladimir Putin, among others,” the DCCC announced.

Rohrabacher should feel proud: it’s the first site the DCCC has rolled out in California this election cycle. Go there and you see the photo opening this post. Click on an individual name and you are told why that person is part of the so-called conspiracy.

“In nearly three decades in Washington DC, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has few legislative accomplishments to speak of, but has managed to cultivate a group of friends that represents the worst of the Washington Swamp: white supremacists, imprisoned and disgraced lobbyists, and even a former KGB agent,” says Drew Godinich, DCCC spokesman, in the announcement. “But while he’s busy palling around with a Who’s Who of Washington’s Worst, he refuses to hold a town hall or speak to the constituents that he was elected to represent. The people of the 48th District are demanding leaders that represent the values of Southern California–not the Washington swamp values of Congressman Rohrabacher. That’s why we fully expect the Rohrabacher Conspiracy to finally come to a close next November.”

Swamp values, of course, plays on Trump’s campaign promise to drain the D.C. swamp.

Here are the Google ads targeting voters in the 48th Congressional District in Russian …
… and English:

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