Rodney King Cuts Reckless Driving Plea Deal

Rodney King
pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor reckless driving in connection with
last year's DUI arrest in Moreno Valley that, fortunately, did not involve a videotaped beating by cops followed by intense inner-city rioting.

Mr. Can't We All Just Get Along was not present for the plea and sentence: 20 days of home detention
with an ankle monitor, three years of probation, nine months in a sobriety education program and a $500 fine.

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop two misdemeanor counts of driving under the

Moreno Valley cops pulled over the Rialto resident the afternoon of July 12, 2011, for multiple vehicle code violations. King was arrested after officers suspected he'd boozed before getting behind the wheel, although he claimed to have been under the influence of prescribed medical marijuana.

Authorities later claimed his blood alcohol level was 0.6 percent. Riverside County prosecutors say they cut the plea deal because they were unsure whether they could convince a jury King had been driving at or above the legal limit of 0.8 or higher.

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