Rock'n Fish, South Bay and LA Live-Bases Seafood Restaurant, Now in Laguna Beach

Even though Laguna Beach is no longer the hippie bohemia of acid runners and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, even though the billionaires have gentrified out the millionaires from the seaside town, Laguna dining has still relatively kept the chains at bay, especially in the non-fast-food scene. But that might be changing, if the coming of Rock'n Fish is any indication.

It just opened, with hours from 5 p.m. until close, and says its dining experience is “a classic ambience [sic] only associated with Chicago or New Orleans.” I wish that meant they were offering Chicago dogs in jambalaya, but the menu is the same seafood menu you've seen in Orange County seafood places for the past decade. I've never been to their locations in either Manhattan Beach or the LA Live, so will leave others to describe the grub. But a fish drinking a beer by holding the bottle with its tail, and hanging upside-down to do it? SO edgy!

More info here.

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