Rockfire Grill Opens In Santa Ana

Raj Syal, the Mumbai-born owner of Mission Viejo's Rockfire Grill, has made good on his plan to open a second Rockfire Grill in Santa Ana. What is Rockfire Grill? It's a burger joint that uses fresh-baked focaccia as buns.

As I wrote in a recent review:


“The beef is twice as thick as In-N-Out's, charred in the right places, and also wonderfully misshapen, as though someone in the back formed the patties by hand just moments earlier. Fancy salad greens, tomatoes, grilled onions, mayo, mustard and ketchup are embraced along with the meat by the clamshell of a two-fisted flatbread with the same profile as those pork belly buns New York's Momofuku made famous. And it turns out this shape is actually perfectly suited to catch all the escaping burger juices.”

The new Rockfire Grill is at 1945 East Seventeenth Street, next to Gold's Gym and Chipotle, in Santa Ana.

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