Robert Rizzo, Who Helped Create the Mess in Bell, Now Cleaning Messes at Local Thrift Store

If you walk into the Huntington Beach Goodwill Store, turn a corner and are confronted by a big tub of goo with a bad dye job on top, don't assume that's a big tub of goo with a bad dye job on top.

It could very well be Robert Rizzo, the disgraced ex-city manager of Bell.

A delicious photo of Rizzo the Hut standing in the thrift store next to another chap appears on the KTLA/Channel 5 website. I'd have re-run it here had I thought ahead to save enough bottle caps to afford the rights to a photo stamped “copyright.” Thus, all you get is a link to it.

One of eight people charged in LA County's Bell public corruption case, Rizzo was pulling out of his Surf City driveway on March 6 when he crashed into a neighbor's mailbox. Cops say he later displayed slurred speech and could not finish a field sobriety test before blowing an 0.28, which is three times more than the legal blood alcohol level for drivers.

The Rizz eventually pleaded guilty to DUI and is working off his 10-day community service sentence at the Goodwill Store. He also must attend a nine-month first-offender alcohol awareness program, so if you see a big tub of goo with a bad dye job on top there, well, you get the drill.

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