Robert Rizzo Officially Becomes Shitty Surf City Neighbor as Overexposed Home is T.P.'d

KTLA/Channel 5 news trucks that rolled up to disgraced ex-Bell city manager Robert Rizzo's Huntington Beach home this morning discovered someone had beat them there.

Toilet paper was strewn around the front of the home and three red X's were spray-painted on the sidewalk in front of the Lake Street abode.

One thing KTLA and other journos have not found at Rizzo's home: any sign that he has been staying there since being released from jail Wednesday on $2 million bail.

KTLA/Channel 5
The front of Robert Rizzo's Lake Street home this morning.

Given the news vans and now junior-high level vandalism, Rizzo's next-door neighbor Mike O'BrienTimes Community News reportedly told , “I guess he now qualifies as a nightmare neighbor. This looks like it's going to be a pain
the neck for somebody to clean up.”

Don't forget the DUI conviction, Mike!

Rizzo, who is among eight former and current city leaders implicated in a salary scandal, is charged with 53 criminal counts, including misappropriating public
funds, conflict of interest and falsifying of public records.

He was making more than $800,000 in salary–and $1.5 million after benefits were factored in–before resigning earlier in the summer as tiny Bell's top administrator.

Jabba the Corrupt's attorney raised eyebrows last week when he disclosed his client is still owed back pay from the city.

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