Robert Rizzo, Corrupt and Bloated Bureaucrat, Sells His Big-Ass Surf City Home

The Huntington Beach home of disgraced former Bell city administrator Robert Rizzo has sold for $939,000.

That's $40,000 less than the asking price when the two-story home was first listed in June, $10,000 less than a later discounted price–and $139,000 more than the bloated bureaucrat earned in annual salary for Bell–population 35,000 and change–before he was run out of the working-class town on a rail.

Rizzo has been ordered to stand trial on charges of conflict-of-interest, misappropriation of public funds and hiding and falsifying official records. Angela
, the former assistant to the Hog Boss, faces similar felony counts in case whose evidence includes her having sent this email to another top earner in the little town: “We will all get fat together . . . Bob [Rizzo] has an
expression he
likes to use on occassion . . . Pigs get Fat . . . Hogs get
slaughtered!!!! So long as we're not Hogs . . . All is well!?”

Since Rizzo bought the four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,250-square-foot home in Surf City in 2007, it stands to reason some of his alleged ill-gotten gains went into buying and rehabbing it. According to his seller, Pier Realty, the home was filled with new granite, cherrywood, coffered
chandeliers, a re-done kitchen, new appliances like a Wolf range, stained and leaded glass windows
and doors, and a living room with a custom library. (What better place to curl up and read the voluminous indictment filed
against you?) Surrounding the abode at 1935 Lake St. are three private patios, two private balconies, a
courtyard entry and a three-car garage.

Rizzo, who lived alone in the home his wife, is a horse owner (but, given his girth, one prays not a horse rider) who also owns a ranch with a house on the property in Washington state.

Speaking of stealers, that's what the unnamed buyers of the Huntington Beach home are, if you compare the prices of other pads in the same area, according to realty experts. The buyers knew who Rizzo was but were unaware until after they made the offer that the home belonged to the center of the high profile corruption case that earned the Los Angeles Times the Pulitzer Prize.

For the buyers' sake, one hopes the merry pranksters who have pelted the property at 1935 Lake St. with toilet paper, pudding and whipped cream know it no longer belongs to “Jabba the Corrupt.” Here's a tip: considering the seller's rotund visage, the crap he forces into his pie-hole to keep it that way and the toxic farts he no doubt blasted throughout the place, retain the services of a reputable fumigator.

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